6 areas of business you NEED to know

Set your business up for sustainable growth

Does this sound like you?

You're in business, but you feel like you're guessing and hoping for the best, with no clear strategy.

You know there are key areas you should be keeping track of, but need some guidance and direction to sit down and plan it out.

You want someone to tell you THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED, so you're not always scrambling and Googling things when they come up. 

You want to be prepared and ahead so you can create a business that supports and works with YOUR lifestyle - not the other way around

This masterclass will walk you through the 6 areas of business to set a strong foundation for sustainable growth and set your business up to scale! 

We'll cover:

  • Strategy
  • Accounting & Finance
  • People
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations Management

You'll also receive BONUS material:

  • A 15-page Business Plan template & instructions to fill it out
  • A list of trusted tools & resources we've tested, use, and abide by in TQP Studio

Seriously, it's time to STOP scrambling and guessing if you want your business to grow and support your lifestyle.

This masterclass, '6 Business Basics for Sustainable Growth' is here to teach you everything that I've learned, what I've learned from business coaches & mentors, and things I wish I knew when starting. 

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    Welcome to "6 Business Basics for Sustainable Growth"!
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    • Welcome & Introduction
    • Presentation: 6 Business Basics for Sustainable Growth
    • Masterclass: 6 Business Basics for Sustainable Growth
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    Wrap-Up & Additional Resources
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    • BONUS: Business Plan Template
    • Tools & Resources
    • Wrap-Up & Before you go...