Project Management to the rescue

Too many ideas making you feel overwhelmed?

We get it... IDEAS. You've got LOTS of ideas...

You've got ideas scribbled on scraps of paper, on your phone's notes, in your notebook, on your hand...

You want to launch new products, services, and collaborations, but you're overwhelmed with putting the entire offer together.

You're unsure how to look for market research, validate your idea, and market it! 

The fear of... "What if no one buys" sinks in...  

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and so full of ideas you get analysis paralysis... what if...

  • You had a system to record all the ideas that pop up AND a way to sift through the good & bad ones?
  • A workflow to help you bring your idea to life AND market it to your audience?
  • How to conduct market research and get validation with NO start-up costs?

In this masterclass, we'll cover:

  • How to set-up your own project management tool
  • The steps for bringing a new idea, service, or collaboration to life
  • Understanding the best way to approach new ideas for your business model AND lifestyle

You'll also receive a BONUS:

  • Market research questionnaire template

It's time you organize all the ideas running around in your mind and start putting them to action!

This masterclass 'Project Management for New Ideas, Collabs, & Services' will you teach you how to organize your ideas in a project management tool and how The Quirky Pineapple Studio is able to create new products and services that resonate with our audience!

Learn to organize & manage ALLZ the ideas!

Ready to organize your ideas, once and for all?

Help me, please!
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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to "Project Management for New Ideas, Collabs, & Services!" Masterclass!
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    • Welcome & Introduction
    • Presentation: Project Management for New Ideas, Collabs, & Services
    • Masterclass: Project Management for New Ideas, Collabs, & Services
  • 02
    Wrap-Up & Additional Resources
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    • BONUS: Market Research Questionnaire Template
    • Wrap-Up & Before you go...