“Raise Your Voice” : 1-Day Virtual Business Retreat

Learn to share your story and impact, to grow your business and visibility.

It's the start of the quarter and although you WANT to feel excited, you're actually feeling some sort of anxiety around your marketing and visibility strategy. 

Last quarter you said you'd...

  • Put yourself out there, with your story, message, and your offers... but you got nervous, so you put it off day after day
  • Implement new marketing strategies to test and see what worked, but then you were overwhelmed with regular work so your content was pushed to the side
  • Confidently share your expertise and experience (all those years!) and feel good about it, but then you got nervous talking about yourself

While you're watching people on Instagram or Facebook get recognized, win awards, and book clients, you're kicking yourself in the tush because you let the opportunities pass you by... even though you have amazing accomplishments!

You want to RAISE YOUR VOICE and share your impact, your story, your message, your services... but you've internalized feelings of shame, embarrassment, and "who are they" mentality stopping you from getting out there and speaking your truth.  

Success Stories

Client wins & results

You're tired of staying quiet, letting your fear of visibility get to you. You don't want to play coy with your experience. I get it!

We believe that to make an impact and a difference, it requires showing up, glowing up, and getting loud. 

You didn't start a business to hide or wait for people to show up at your door. You wanted to make a difference, create change, and help people... because you believe IN people.

And you can't do that if you keep staying small. It's time to RAISE YOUR VOICE and get visible. 

Introducing... RAISE YOUR VOICE

1-Day Virtual Business Retreat

During this virtual retreat, we'll work on creating a visibility and content marketing plan for the next quarter. One that is... 

  • Easily digestible and manageable, so you don't get overwhelmed with all the small nuances of stepping out there
  • Broken down into action steps, so you know what to do next and don't get caught up in analysis paralysis
  • Aligned to YOU, so you show up fiercely, confidently, and boldly with your story, message, impact, and services and CLAIM YOUR POWER

The Raise Your Voice framework has helped our clients:

  • Go from one contracted client to landing multiple contracts with their dream clients!
  • Accept the power in their experiences to share their story and message, with updated websites and a more cohesive social media strategy
  • Raise their prices and proudly stand in their expertise to ask for more
  • Reach over 100 new people on social media with over 5 inquiries and 3 closed deals

Learn to share your story and impact, to grow your business and visibility.

We'll work on how to...

  • Get your mindset in the right place, so you feel bold and confident to step out and get visible
  • Set up a content plan packed with strategy, so you know EXACTLY the type of content to post during the next three months
  • Implement systems and tools into your marketing plan, so you don't feel like you need to be "on" all the time
  • Communicate your offers, so your ideal clients know exactly what you do and how you help them
  • Use your message and story to fiercely proclaim the impact you make, and feel good doing so

This is a VIRTUAL RETREAT (aka pajama party) where we'll work on your messaging and content to share your impact, gain visibility, and build the community you want. Get comfy because we'll be hanging out for half a day! 

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Ready to RAISE YOUR VOICE and RAISE THE ROOF with your story and content?

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What's included in the retreat:

  • A half-day retreat to create a visibility plan using your unique story and message. You will leave with a plan in place for the next 3 months!
  • Implementation time during the retreat to plan out your content!
  • 20-minute 1:1 follow-up call one week after the retreat



The foundation for a successful business and marketing plan is mindset. Our successes are created by the inner work we do to improve ourselves, and thus our surroundings. I've worked through mindset blocks, like scarcity, imposter syndrome, unworthiness, and more so I can finally share my story confidently. 

Story & Impact

I believe everyone has a story to share that can create massive waves of impact. I believe if we look through and trace back our steps, we can start to see trends and areas in our life that have brought us here today, to run our businesses. 

We can't create a marketing or business plan if we don't have our story and impact in place. This is another piece to the foundational framework. 

Systems & Processes

Besides being REACTIVE in business and basing our decisions on EMOTIONS, we need to look at the hard numbers and data. I'll walk you through my process of auditing TQP Studio, how to understand the numbers and data, and basing decisions on what works for YOU and your DREAM LIFESTYLE, rather than blindly following trends or shiny object syndrome. 

We will be looking at what works for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS MODEL. Each business is different and I won't give you a copy & paste framework, rather the tools to implement on your own. 

Marketing & Visibility

The final pillar is marketing and visibility. Once we’ve set the foundation for a strategic marketing and visibility plan, this is where we’ll be working together to implement and take action on everything we’ve covered. We’ll create a roadmap that feels aligned to you - so you can show up with full confidence to share your story, message, and services.

You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone!

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Raise Your Voice: 1-Day Business Retreat
    Show Content
    • Welcome & important information
  • 02
    Raise Your Voice - Q2 2020
    Show Content
    • Pre-retreat homework & reading materials
    • Editorial Calendar Template
    • Raise Your Voice - Retreat Replay
  • 03
    Raise Your Voice - Presentations
    Show Content
    • Reviewing Q1 Numbers & Stats - Presentation
    • How to Set Up Systems for Content Marketing - Presentation
    • EXAMPLE: TQP Studio Client Funnel
    • Guest: How to Create a Cohesive Social Media Feed by Sara Obando
    • Guest: How to be an Assertive Communicator by Estefany Escallón Ibañez

Have questions?

  • Where will the Raise Your Voice Retreat be held?

    The Raise Your Voice Retreat will be held via ZOOM on Saturday, April 4th at 3PM Central European Time. All attendees will receive the ZOOM link via email prior. Feel free to join us in the comfort of your home, on your couch, in your favorite coffee shop, or coworking space!

  • Will there be food and drinks?

    Bring your favorite snacks, beverages, and food with you! We'll be hanging out virtually and food and drinks are allowed.

  • What should you wear?

    Come dressed to impress or in your most comfortable clothes!

  • What do you need to bring?

    Please have your laptop, camera and microphone, a notebook, your Q1 content marketing data & stats, a brief content plan for Q2, and an open-mind to brainstorm and share ideas with others in the retreat.

  • What’s included in the retreat?

    The retreat includes a half-day retreat with other business owners, specific implementation time to get your content created, one 20min post-retreat check-in call, resources and tools, and a private course page to access the retreat replay.

  • Will we have 1:1 time?

    Yes! We'll have 1:1 time during and after the retreat to talk about an existing plan or to refine one! During the retreat, we'll be working in a hybrid of groups and 1:1 where I can answer your questions based on your needs.

  • How many people will there be?

    To keep this an intimate group, there will only be 10 people on the retreat. Spots WILL be sold out!

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    We want you to be as committed to your own business and life as we are. We want you to succeed, and that means also doing the work. There are no refunds for this retreat.

  • Other questions?

    If you have more questions, please send us an email at: hello@thequirkypineapple.com!

Meet Cassandra, Founder & Creator of The Quirky Pineapple Studio

Brand & Visibility Strategist

Cassandra T. Le is the founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio (TQP Studio), a communications and content strategy boutique agency. She is an award-winning marketing expert, was a contributing author in BRANDING QUICKIES, ranked #1 on Amazon in leadership, was featured on Forbes, and has given workshops in English and Spanish in various countries around the world. 

She has over a decade of experience in copywriting, content creation, and social media. At TQP Studio, she works with impact-driven businesses to help them share their message and impact through strategic storytelling and engaging content to increase their visibility online and in-person and grow their communities. 

When she's not working behind her laptop, you can find her exploring neighborhood cafés in Madrid (her adopted home), getting lost in translation in Spanish, or watching movie trailers and mukbangs on YouTube!

Learn to share your story and impact, to grow your business and visibility.